Twirly Heart Mobile Card

This could be a lovely card for letting that “special someone” know you care about him/her. Since it’s Valentine’s day soon, perhaps this is a great opportunity to craft it? 😀 Please scroll down for the photo tutorial.

One of my friends was about to get married. I was invited to her bachelor party. It was a really nice day! All invitees were asked before to give the bride to be a greeting card with a nice message about marriage. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to craft my own greeting card. Something like a heart shape would be nice, the symbol of love. I decided to craft a heart-shaped mobile.

Craft tools

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Photo instructions

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Step 1: Draw a big square with a pencil and ruler / set triangle on the front side of the card. Now cut out the square shape with a craft knife. Again use a ruler or set triangle, to cut it more precisely.

Step 2: Draw a heart shape with a heart shape inside itself on white paper.. or look for one on the internet and print it. You can download the heart shape I’ve used over here. Make sure the heart shape fits inside the greeting card’s frame.

Step 3: Attach the drawn/printed heart shape to a piece of thick red paper by using paper clips or staples. Sticky tape would also do the job.
Step 4: Use your craft knife and cut out the biggest heart shape.
Step 5: Now attach the white paper to the red paper again by using paper clips or so. Cut out the inner heart shape carefully.

Step 6: Use a needle to make a small hole in the big and small heart shape at the top.

Step 7: Get a red thread (4 inch) to attach the heart shapes to each other. First pull the thread through the small heart’s hole. The thread should have the same length on each side. Carefully tie two knots (without folding the paper).
Step 8: Now pull both thread ends (one from behind, one from the front side) through the big heart’s hole. Finish by tying two knots on top of the heart, where the two “arches” come together. You can cut off the remaining thread.

Step 9: Grab the needle again and make two small holes near each other in the center of the folding edge of the greeting card.
Step 10: Get a white thread (7 inch) and attach it to the top of the heart shape by tying two knots into the red thread. Cut off the short thread’s end.

Step 11: Pull the white thread through one of the folding egde holes from the inside of the card. Pull the white thread back into the card from the other folding edge hole.

Step 12: Set up your card like a tent and estimate what thread height you need to make the twirly heart mobile look good. Once you’re happy with the result, tie two knots near the folding edge. Cut off the remaining white thread and your card is finished!

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2 thoughts on “Twirly Heart Mobile Card

  1. Love this! Helped my son make it for his GF for VDay. He wrote a poem behind the hearts, and I was pleased to see how she appreciated the pretty handmade card & heartfelt sentiment. Thanks for sharing your tute!

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